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Eagle Hearts entered into a partnership in February 2012 with the Ministry of Social Services to provide the V.S.T. program it consists of three individual entities: First is the Visitation aspect that is monitored at the Family Learning Place. Second the Supervision component which entails Intensive Home Support in the home environment that focuses on the families interrelationships within and in the community. Third is the Transportation of children to the visits. This strength-based approach encourages parent(s) to access resources that would educate the family and give insight into healthy coping skills. The support program assists families in recognizing their strengths and encourages them to build on these through a holistic approach. This service is to encourage families to develop strong, supportive, caring network of relationships within the community, family and other programs. The outcome of the program is that families to be reunified and stabilized. All the referrals come from the Ministry of Social Services.

Program Components

  • In-home visits.
  • Monitored in-home visits.
  • Hands-on coaching/mentoring
  • .Referrals to community resources/supports.
  • Curriculum enhanced activities.
  • Use of established "best practices," and tools.
  • Daily living skills and problem-solving/coping strategies.
  • In-home or referrals to parenting programs.
  • Alcohol/drug awareness referrals.
  • Mental Health awareness and Referrals.
  • Liaison; advocacy; support and Enhanced communication skills

The Program is...

  • Culturally relevant.
  • Sustains a holistic and strength based approach.
  • Provides a family focused, child Centered, oral community approach.
  • Maintains confidentiality at all time

The Intensive Home Support Program Initiates:

  • Family reunification with parent(s) being the main caregivers who are responsible for the safety, and nurturing environment of the child(ren).
  • Development of a healthy network of resources that will educate and promote awareness of appropriate interactions within the family systems.
  • Culturally sensitive curriculum that will enhance the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual growth of families.
  • Family empowerment with knowledge attained through certificate programs.Awareness of family strengths that will keep the family together.